Searching for transactions

The merchant panel makes finding transactions very easy.

  • Login to the Merchant Panel
  • Click Charges
  • You Can select the From & To date range
    • Select the Status of the transaction
  • You can also search by Transaction ID, Customer Name, Transaction Description.

Uswipe New Charge

Review Transaction Deails

You can review the details of a transaction by first searching for the transaction in question.

Once you have found the transaction you wish to review simply select the transaction.

You will have a detailed view of the transaction with the following details

  1. Amount
  2. Card Type
  3. Expiry Date
  4. Card Number (Last four digits only)
  5. Transaction Description
  6. Date
  7. Time
  8. Charge Token (Transaction ID)
  9. Transaction status
  10. Customer Name / Email / Address / IP address / Country